Didn’t Want to Know


She was going to tell him, he knew what was going to come next.  He wanted to close out the world, wanted to shut down and avoid it all.  Wanted to hide and give up.  Wanted to escape, but couldn’t. There was no escaping it.  Not now. For Rob’s whole life, the whole seventeen years … Read more

Have a Misadventure


There is no amount of planning or preparation that can stop you from encountering problems out there in the wilds.  Things will happen, things will go wrong, the goal is to reduce the odds of this happening as much as possible but sometimes there is not much you can do.  Next to reducing the odds … Read more

Sell Your Life Dearly


We all have a finite amount of time here on Earth.  Everyone knows that, we are an animal cursed (and blessed) with the knowledge of our own mortality.  The sad thing is no one realizes how precious life is until they are facing the end of it.  We seem to always have time, there is … Read more

Wake Up Call


“The wake up call” is almost a mythic thing when it comes to fitness and people starting a journey.  It can hit at many different points in someone’s life but is generally a moment when someone decides that the path they have taken in life is no longer working.  It can be the obese person … Read more

Everything Will Suck Sometimes


I was chatting with a friend the other day and we got on the topic of our jobs.  I am not a fan of my job, it’s not that I hate the work it’s that I hate having a job.  Having to work where I work and in the type of job I work was … Read more

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