Steps to Prep for a Hike

Prep for a hike

Depending on the length of the trip you might be looking at taking this summer there are a lot of different steps to take before starting out on a hike.  Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming for a newcomer to the hobby especially because with back country hiking once you have started there is … Read more

Feeling Disconnected: A look at “Less Than Zero” and “The Beautiful and the Damned”


Right now we like to think we live in the most connected world in human history.  To an extent this is true, the internet and other communication technology has lead to a dearth of connection.  I can talk to people in nearly every country on the planet with ease, I often see readers from all … Read more

How to Train your Discipline


The mind is a muscle, that’s why I discuss the mind and body as if they were one in the same.  That is why this site is called Mind Body Mash.  Discipline is essential to the pursuits of the mind and the body, it is essential to reaching the goals we all strive for, but … Read more



It was not dark yet, not quite.  The sun was hovering above the horizon threatening to disappear but it kept floating.  He had to move, he knew he had to move, but nothing would work.  Lying in the dirt staring at the trees as they blew in the soft breeze.  It was all blue, everything … Read more

Supplements for the mind and body?

suppliments and the mind and body

I’m going to shoot myself in the foot here for the potential of a future sponsored post but that’s okay.  It seems like every fitness blog or website is sponsored by supplement companies and I’m going to be throwing that out the window by writing this but I was never planning on sponsored content any … Read more

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