Still Here

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Just a quick update here.  Wanted to let everyone know that I’m still here, just getting caught up on some stuff.  I will be (hopefully) back on schedule next week.  Thanks for sticking around, appreciate all of you out there that take the time to read what I write and I hope that it provides … Read more



There was anger, there was hate, there were falls from grace, death and loss.  Then there was nothing.  The cities were scattered ruins, nature was taking them back.  Growing, growing, growing and choking out the once massive representations of human ingenuity. It was growing too fast though, trees, vines and plants springing up so fast … Read more

5 Ultra Long Hikes

forest trail

There is something about being disconnected from the civilized world for a long period of time that is special.  There is something about it that changes a person, that brings people back to what it was like for us for the majority of human history.  The routine of walking, of surviving, of moving.  The fresh … Read more

What Do You Want In Life?

what do you want in life

What do you want in life?  I think that for a lot of people the pursuit of the answer to this question makes up more of their lives than actually pursuing a goal.  This is a hard question if you really think about it.  What do you want in life? Not short term things.  Not … Read more

Go Ruck Yourself

go ruck yourself

Ruck marching is simple and effective, a great way to work on endurance and muscle and also a useful skill if you ever want to start ultra-long hiking.  Ruck marching is simple and it is lovely, it is painful and wonderful.  All you need is a backpack (hiking pack properly fitted) and a pair of … Read more

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