Improve your life by being Grateful

Being Grateful

If I had one life hack I think everyone should follow it would be to practice gratitude.  This is probably the one thing that will improve your life more than any other.  I know it sounds like it might be too good to be true so let me expand upon this a bit. Being grateful … Read more

Do your best nothing less

do your best nothing more

When trying new things, when trying to get where you want to get in life all you can really do is try your best.  There is nothing more.  It’s not a cop-out to say you tried your best because if you really and truly did try your best there is nothing more to offer.  That’s … Read more

Top 10 hike tips and tricks

Hikes in Ontario

Let me share some tips that I have picked up over the years.  Many of these might be more to my preference and somebody more experienced will probably have a few tips of their own.  These are some little things that have helped me in my time in the woods and I hope they help … Read more

8 Ways to be More Mindful

8 ways to be more mindful

Being mindful in the everyday can be hard.  Especially if you’ve grown so used to certain patterns of thinking.  It can be impossible to break out.  Working hard jobs, chasing hard dreams, thinking about your next workout, about what you want to achieve about the future and the past only serves to rob us of … Read more

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