He had been staring at the screen for hours now and nothing had changed.  No amount of refusing to believe it, no amount of trying to change it could change it.  He was alone, he was out of fuel and he was adrift.  There had been a movie, one from long ago, ancient Earth.  “Lost … Read more

No Such Thing as Wasted Time


There is a fear that I think a lot of people out there have and that is the fear of wasting time.  When you get so caught up in accomplishing something, so caught up in being successful you tend to view any time not spent pursuing that goal as wasted time.  There really is no … Read more

The MaddAddam Trilogy


Take a look at modern capitalism and now deregulate it.  Combine this with some advances in genetic engineering, to the point where whole new species are being created.  Now let that simmer for a few decades, the world you get at the end is the one in which the MaddAddam trilogy takes place. A science … Read more

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