Self Hate Will Not Make You Better

Self Hate

Self loathing is a pit I sometimes fall into.  A deep place that can be hard to climb out of.  Hating yourself can almost feel good sometimes.  I have walked into this trap a few times in my life, where I used self hate and negative emotion to attempt to drive myself.  This will work … Read more

The Call of the Wild

The Call Of the Wild

Why do we feel the need to go backwards?  Why is there this need to escape, what is the call of the wild?  I’m not talking about the Jack London story (although that could play a part in this) but rather the draw we feel toward wild spaces.  Humanity spent millennia fighting to get out … Read more

Not Sharing is Theft

Not sharing is theft

I read “The Circle” recently and while not one of the best written books I’ve ever encountered the story and the message was one that I think we should all be reading.  I don’t want to get too much into the book but rather examine some of the ideas it explores around social media and … Read more

Inspiration over Envy

Inspiration over Envy

One of the things our culture of social sharing has brought about is the constant comparison to other people’s lives.  Looking at peers buying houses and starting families, jealousy over jobs and vacations, wishing you could take a year off to travel like your friend.  This is all a downside to our constant connection, the … Read more

Cutting the Unnecessary

Cutting the unnecessary

It has been a few years since I read Fight Club but there is one part of the book (and movie) that has left an impression on me. I am not the best at practicing it but I try, it is the message of not letting your possessions own you.  The book is a great … Read more

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