Take Care of Your Mind because it Will Outlast Your Body


There are a lot of reasons I think that we should train both the mind and the body but this is one I have had brought to my attention recently.  I’ve been sick for the past few weeks and haven’t been able to train my body as much as I’d like to so instead I’ve … Read more

Take a Moment to Think


Critical thinking is something lacking in society as a whole.  Examining ideas, thoughts, news and opinions before formulating your own is nearly unheard of.  One of the great tragedies of thought is that there is so little of it.  People are so quick to jump to a knee-jerk reaction instead of examining the ideas in … Read more

Make it Fun or You Will Quit


Make working out enjoyable otherwise it becomes just another job you have to do.  Seems pretty simple and non-groundbreaking advice but you would be surprised how often it is not followed.  If what you are doing is not fun you will eventually quit.  It applies to most things in life that are optional and even … Read more

Book Recommendation: A Little Life


If there is one book that I have read this year that I think everyone should read it’s A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara.  It is a beautiful novel.  It is a disturbing novel.  It is a novel that showcases millennials and it is a book that really feels like a modern classic.  It is … Read more

10 Ways Reading Builds the Mind


Something I touch on a lot here is my love for reading as well as writing.  I talk about how I believe reading to be one of the more important things you can do to build your mind.  I talk about reading like mental exercise.  Only it’s not as demanding as exercise, it’s what everyone … Read more

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